Watershop Down

October 4, 2014 — 4 Comments

As most of you probably know (some of you firsthand)–last winter was a hard one in the middle of the US. In our town, school was canceled on more than one occasion due to cold–not due to snow–and in Chicago, we had more snow this year than any year on record except one.

Cue dramatic woodshop music. It’s time for a montage.

On January 8, 2014, a $1 piece of copper looked like this when it burst in the ceiling above my woodshop:

Burst Pipe Elbow

And so it rained inside my woodshop, which in turn made my tools look like this:

Rusty Plane

But later that evening, a good friend, some bourbon, those fabulous Klingspor rust erasers, and some serious elbow grease made my tools look like this:


The next day, my shop looked like this:

The Day After

And in fits and spurts over the next few months, the shop looked liked this:

Bare Walls
New Insulation
New Drywall

And by early summer the shop looked like this (Click these images to view larger versions)

Details to follow in upcoming posts, but here’s the summary:

  • Removed built-in cabinet and counter
  • New lighting fixtures and relocated / centralized lightswitches
  • New electrical and network connections
  • Better mounting job for air cleaner
  • Chalkboard wall
  • Antique library card catalog for hardware and tools
  • New sink
  • Cork flooring

It was a good thing the new woodshop was ready to go by early summer, because that was just in time to not have any time to work on projects. Work, family, and farm claimed my summer months, and those plus a new back injury, a couple of new puppies, and a side project are claiming my fall. But I’m itching to build and have a backlog of projects drawn up in Sketchup.

4 responses to Watershop Down

  1. Well it looks fabulous (though I, for one, am sorry to see the lavender walls go…though I heartily approve of the cork floor. As you told me, and as I experienced, things bounce on them!)

  2. Really great looking shop. Looks like your are back !!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the rust removing method: I’ve coupld of old woodworking tools that would benefit from that.

    My place of work still has a concrete floor, which is uncomfortable to stand on and causes much damage to anything that falls off your work bench.

  4. Yikes! Indoor rain! Years ago my then 13 year old son broke the hot water pipe in the bathroom right above the nice leather recliner I was snoozing on and I was awakened by near boiling hot water and for months I had the smell of mildew seeping from everywhere.
    Luckily now he buys his own furniture to ruin.
    Shop looks great, but basements are notoriously bad for water risks.

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