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In the last episode, I had just opened a cavity in the bottom of the extension table to make room for a dangling router (no, not a medical condition). On to the laminate!

I decided to put the sides on first, trim them, apply the top, then trim the top flush with the sides. I know others do the top first, but that is only because they are complete idiots and they deserve pity. (Actually I have no preference; if the laminate is applied and trimmed well, there really should be only a nominal difference between techniques).

Contact Cement

So out came the contact cement and, during what I assume was a hallucination due to the contact cement fumes (though you never truly know when you’ll find a head of broccoli trying to turn a vase on your lathe), the sides were applied with the help of a J-roller.

Laminate Edge

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Extension Table, Part I

February 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

There are two kinds of people: people who will look at the following picture and say, “hey, nice tablesaw!”


…and people who will look at the picture above and say, “hey, what’s up with that gaping void between the fence rails?”

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