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How to Make Your Shop Suck

February 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

It’s quite simple, really:

  1. Find a sump closet with a crazy pipe running diagonally midway through the closet.
  2. Model said closet and pipe in Sketchup to discover that if you install your dust collector at just the right height, rotate your dust collector’s barrel just so, and file off just a little bit of metal, you will clear the back wall of said closet by just .25″ and clear said pipe by just a little more than 2″. This means you can keep the dust collector in the closet, which turns out to be the perfect place for it.
  3. Frantically search for someone who will appreciate you rubbing this bit of good fortune in their face.
  4. Rub said bit of good fortune in said someone’s face.
  5. Do a happy dance when you realize that the 7″ spiral duct that has to go through said closet’s wall clears a stud by .5″.
  6. Wire everything up and watch the receiver of aforementioned face-rubbed good fortune laugh when you discover that the RF remote which turns your dust collector on also turns on a ceiling fan upstairs.
  7. Hang head in shame when you and aforementioned person also discover that turning on the ceiling fan upstairs also turns on the dust collector.
  8. Fix said problem by breaking a trace on the circuit boards of the switch and RF remote per awesome manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. This is the most important step: Label equipment appropriately.

Because every shop needs a suck button.