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Four Decades In…

January 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

Today is my 40th birthday. And four decades into this life of modest professional, personal, and gastronomic accomplishment, I find myself still wondering what I want to do when I grow up.

In any case, I can tell you what I want to do with today. The family, at my request, has granted me a near-full day in my woodshop. So the phone is on do-not-disturb and I am gleefully breathing through a dust mask. I will write more later on the projects I will hopefully finish today, but I think this photo summarizes what is shaping up to be a truly fantastic day:


…using my just-finished, adjustable-height, built-in-Moxon-vise joinery bench while trimming some microdot laminate on my just-assembled torsion box tablesaw extension wing. Next up: flattening the top of my main workbench with a wooden jointer plane.

My workshop. In which I take wooden rectangles and assemble them into larger, mostly-wooden rectangles (but only because the lathe isn’t up and running yet).

Update: didn’t get to the benchtop. But the clamps are up and the extension wing is ready to be assembled. And I am never using solvent-based contact cement again.