November 1, 2005 — 15 Comments

Whenever the time between posts to this site exceeds a month, I start receiving “Is everything alright?” emails. Things are alright–quite alright actually–and thanks to everyone who asked. Really, I’ve just been enjoying something which resembles a life–a concept which rather tragically became foreign to me for too long a while. I always wonder if bloggers overwhelmingly more prolific than myself spend any time whatsoever off the computer.

So let me break this long hiatus with an exciting announcement: sometime next March the wife and I will be having a son.  I won’t wax philosophical (publicly, anyway) about the kinds of existential realizations which surface when thinking about having children, so let’s just say that it’s obvious that some aspects of my life have to change, not the least of which is my woodworking equipment. Knowing that I’ll be having a son has made me realize that I’ve spent too much time cleaning up messy cuts on a poorly calibrated and underpowered tablesaw, and that my router fence is not only inadequate but unsafe. When my wife showed me the pregnancy test, the first thing that came to mind was that I’ve totally outgrown my Black & Decker Workmate™ Workbench and that I need a proper bench with a proper vise and a massive benchtop so I can pound things “real hard”. It’s now clear to me that the answer to the daycare situation for parents who both work is twofold. One, a centralized dust collection system with a 1-micron filter bag, a metal canister, and a beefy impeller. Two, nothing beats a good set of sharp chisels. Nothing. Lastly, as I watch my wife undergo the magical transformation from, say, kayak to houseboat, I can’t help but think that the garage really needs a 100 amp subpanel.

In case you’re wondering, I’m planning on making all the baby furniture. The kind of stuff which gets handed down from generation to generation. Yes, I’ve found the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines for things like cribs.

I should mention that after my wife’s first ultrasound, I did have one realization entirely unrelated to woodworking. We haven’t seen any major advancements in pre-natal science since 1986, where ultrasound technology was used in James Cameron’s Aliens. Observe:


Finding aliens


Alien in profile

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  1. Awww…look, he’s got his daddy’s big umm, err, synapse…


    P.S. It’s been so long since you last post I forgot how to loign on this thingy, but then I would have missed the wood-themed security question and the background image that looked like sawed timber – I almost went “qute!”…but didn’t.

  2. Congratulations, Narayan … and yes, “some aspects of your life have to change” … most aspects, in fact

  3. Congratulations Narayan!

  4. Congratulations again! I’m glad I now know it is a boy. My very best to you and Nara always.

    P.S. Knowing how long it took me to learn to spell your name, I hope you give this little one a name that his teachers will have an easier time with.

  5. Congratulations!  It will be nice to see the fruits of your wood work … somehow, that was not pun intended, I swear .

  6. <billpaxton>

    That’s it man, game over man, game over!


  7. Beautiful. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations. You are in for a lot of fun, truly.

  9. Congratulations! I have two daughters myself and they are my everything, my world. You did it

  10. It sounds like you need to get some fishing trips in ASAP.  Quick we don’t have much time!

    Congratulations to both of you.  Hey does this mean you guys are grown ups now?

  11. Truely awsome!

  12. This is embarrassingly tardy, but a helluva congratulations to you! That’s extremely cool, and I applaud your decision to build all the furniture yourself (it made for an hilarious weblog post, too). Your child is going to be so proud when he/she learns why daddy has only four fingers on his left hand

  13. Well, well well….  what wonderful news to greet me upon finally visiting here.  All the very best Narayan and Nara, boy are your lives going to change!!… and all for the better.

    I do look forward to seeing brilliant photographs and hearing the exciting tales of parenthood from you.. ahh another little *fface* =)

    congrats… and oh.. Merry Bloody Christmas guys…!


  14. Congratulations Poog & Resonance!

  15. congratulations. babies mostly wake up at night… mostly

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