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March 6, 2002 — Leave a comment

The last time I did the ol’ reformat/reinstall was after my previous PowerBook G4 was stolen.  Poog and I were meeting my friends spuds and peachy for dinner, and as we drove up to their building, I told Poog that I was going to bring my computer inside, because some inordinate percentage of stolen laptops are stolen out of cars.  So I brought my computer in, we hung out for a bit, and left for dinner.

While we were at dinner, someone broke into spud’s apartment and stole my PowerBook.

It was covered by insurance, and luckily I had just backed everything (well, almost everything) just a few days before, so the theft was really just a material inconvenience.  I had enough shit stolen from me in Chicago that when it happens now, it really doesn’t phase me that much.  It’s just a major pain in the ass.

When I got the new PowerBook, I had to reinstall everything, get everything set just the way I like it, the whole nine yards (do they say ‘the whole 8.2296 meters’ everywhere else?). The process takes more than a full day (I’ve got a lot of stuff), and I had to go through it again today after installing the new hard drive.  While popping in installer CD after installer CD, I couldn’t help but wonder what the thief who broke into spud’s place was doing with the computer that was once mine.

It’s probably made its way through the black market to Afghanistan.  Bin Laden probably looks at the desktop picture of my dog.  He probably wonders why Bach crossfades into the Beastie Boys in my previous iTunes library. He’ll probably decide he needs a combo DVD/CD-RW drive, order a new PowerBook at the online Apple Store, and carelessly leave my old PowerBook in a cave.  The U.S. Army will find my old computer, trace it back to me, arrest me and put me in a jail cell with John Walker Lindh, who will wax nostalgically about his time in sunny Cuba. I’ll slap him. Twice.

So yeah, I have a new hard drive.  Only several dozen apps left to install…

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