About Etherfarm


etherfarm is the personal website and frontal lobe of Narayan Nayar’s prosthetic memory. This site has been serving up marginally perceptive commentary and other useless nonsense since 2001. Sorry, there are no refunds.

etherfarm fulfills several roles in Narayan’s life. First and perhaps foremost, it gives him an opportunity to write in the third person about himself–the literary pastime of choice for aspiring narcissists worldwide. Secondly, etherfarm functions as a digital scrapbook in which Narayan’s varied and ultimately futile endeavors can be documented. Thirdly, etherfarm allows Narayan to come up with lame lists such as those which enumerate the ways his blog enriches his ego.


I’m a formerly-thirty-something-year old currently residing in the greater Chicago area. I grew up in the rural burbs of Chicago, moved to the city for a wee bit of college but really just to ride the El, then in a fit of madness moved to Maine to flyfish then to California to…I don’t remember. In any case, I was gone for 15 years and missed Chicago for about 16 of those. I’ve been back for a while now and couldn’t be happier.

During the day (and often most nights), I run a product design team for a very large software company. But I rarely blog about work–work stuff goes here. I live with my wonderful and witty wife, my son and my daughter. In addition to the activities made obvious by the content of this site, I like to design and make furniture, flyfish, swim, and bicycle (though in reality, I work too much to be any good at those things).